24/7/365 Emergency Service

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

At Smith Oil we understand the value of full service – the idea that no matter what, your heating needs are covered. This is your peace of mind. Our long-term relationships have been built out of consistent, reliable service to our customers since 1933, and our dependability is long established by our licensed, trained and experienced Service Technicians. Service is always prompt and efficient. Our customers know that if anything goes wrong with their heating system, day or night, we'll be there right away to take care of it.

Automatic Oil Deliveries

Smith Oil's fleet of trucks are at the ready for prompt, automatic delivery of oil and diesel fuel.

Diesel Fuel Deliveries

Bulk Deliveries, On-site Equipment Refueling.

Smith Oil offers both on-site diesel deliveries for equipment and general use. The competitive prices that Smith offers, combined with a longstanding record of superb service, will ensure your diesel fuel needs are absolutely covered.

Heating Installations & Repair

Efficient, energy-saving boiler/furnace replacements.

Boiler Installations - Weil McLain

Oil tank Installations - Roth & Granby

Furnace Installations - Hallmark Olsen

Competitive Fuel Oil Prices

Budget Payment Plans

Budget Payment Plans eliminate high midwinter bills by dividing your yearly costs into equal monthly payments over ten to twelve months.

Computerized Degree Day System

Scheduled deliveries to avoid run-outs.

Automatic delivery projected on a degree day system keeping your oil tank full.

Oil Price Protection Plans

Know what your price per gallon is going to be all season long.

With price stability and peace of mind. Plans available to suit your needs.

Comprehensive Service Contracts & Emergency Service

Parts replacement and labor, full coverage.

Smith oil will provide parts replacement and labor for oil burner parts and controls; annual cleaning and tune up, emergency service calls on covered parts list (see contract) with no exclusions as to the time of day or night, or limiting the number of calls.

Oil Tank Guard Coverage

Protect your tank.

Oil tank guard coverage: Oil tank corrosion additive is put into the oil tank annually, in the event of an oil tank leak; the program provides warranty coverage for complete oil tank replacement and removal.

Budgeting & Saving

Payment plans, Prompt payment discounts

Smith Oil offers incentive-based payment plans designed to work in your financial favor. Discounts for staying ahead of payments are available. Budget-friendly.